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New Jersey needs reliable energy infrastructure

Staff Reports
A recent op-ed in the NJ Spotlight emphasizes the importance of enhancements to ensure New Jersey’s energy infrastructure remains reliable and resilient.
The piece recognizes the six-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, which caused irreparable damage to New Jersey and the region. 
That storm and the severe storms we have seen since remind us of the need to ensure that our energy infrastructure can withstand these threats and mitigate the impacts of future storms. Losing electricity for days, even weeks in some cases, was detrimental to residents and businesses across the state as families huddled together. Power outages cost New Jersey families millions a year.”

The article emphasizes the importance of natural gas and associated infrastructure, noting its reliability and durability during extreme weather. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy concluded that Irene and Sandy “did not have a major impact on natural gas infrastructure and supplies in the Northeast,” a testament to the reliability and durability of natural-gas infrastructure.

The article continues:

“New Jersey cannot take an “all eggs in one basket” approach when it comes to energy. Natural gas should be one part of our energy mix which will include renewables and other clean sources. Many New Jersey residents and the industry have already realized the clear benefits of natural gas as a reliable fuel source, but it’s critical that New Jersey’s leaders do the same and support enhancement and modernization projects for our natural-gas infrastructure.”

Although it isn’t mentioned in the op-ed, a great example of an enhancement project designed to strengthen the resiliency and reliability of natural gas infrastructure in the Northeast is Williams’ Northeast Supply Enhancement Project. The proposed project will strengthen the security of energy supply in the region while helping convert customers from heavily polluting fuels and balancing the integration of renewable energy.

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