Hillabee Expansion Project


The Hillabee Expansion Project is an expansion of the existing Transco pipeline’s capacity in Alabama to supply natural gas to the Sabal Trail pipeline.

Approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in February 2016, the Hillabee Expansion is being constructed in three phases, adding a total of approximately 1,131,000 dekatherms per day (dt/d) of pipeline capacity to the Transco system by 2021. That’s enough natural gas to meet the needs of over 4 million American homes annually.


  • Minimize impacts. By maximizing the use of the existing transmission corridor, our goal is to minimize the impact on property owners and the environment.
  • Reduce emissions. Clean-burning natural gas currently produces one-third of all electric generation. An abundant, reliable supply of natural gas is critical to help reduce carbon emissions and provide the flexibility needed to support a growing renewables component in power generation
  • Serve communities. The Hilllabee Expansion Project allows additional natural gas volumes to be transported to Florida consumers to meet the growing need for gas to fuel electric power generation.

As part of the Hillabee Expansion, Williams is constructing eight new pipe sections (loops), a new compressor facility in Choctaw County, Ala., as well as making modifications to other existing compressor stations and valve sites. The pipeline loops vary in length and are expected to parallel the existing Transco pipeline, adjacent to the existing utility corridor.

November 2014 — Submit 7(c) application to FERC
February 2016 — FERC approval
July 2017 — Phase I in-service
May 2020 — Phase II in-service

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