Kalama Lateral Project


Northwest Innovation Works (NWIW) and Williams’ Northwest Pipeline have signed a pre-construction agreement for Northwest to construct a three-mile, 24-inch diameter natural gas pipeline and related facilities extending from Northwest’s mainline to NWIW’s proposed methanol production facility planned for the Port of Kalama – all located in Cowlitz County, Washington.


  • Create jobs. NWIW’s facility will create new jobs.
  • Reduce emissions. NWIW’s facility will renew a clean, value-added manufacturing economy in the Northwest and may help to reduce world carbon emissions.

Northwest Innovation Works’ facility is proposed to be located at the port’s North Port Marine Terminal to produce methanol from natural gas. Methanol is a light and colorless liquid that is biodegradable and non-carcinogenic. Methanol proposed to be produced at the Port of Kalama will be shipped to global markets, where it will be used to produce olefins, the building blocks for a long list of everyday products, such as toys, clothing, cell phones, bottles, tires, nylon carpets and pharmaceuticals.


October 2014 – Filed pipeline application with the FERC
Late fall 2014 – Open house to introduce project to the community
April 2016 – Received FERC Certificate
April 2022 – Pipeline placed in service*

*In-service date is subject to Williams and NWIW receiving all applicable local, state and federal permits.


Questions related to the project can be directed to pipelineexpansion@williams.com.