Tuesday, February 13<br>Washington D.C.

Tuesday, February 13
Washington D.C.

Williams will host a Clean Energy Expo in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, Feb. 13, focused on how Williams and the natural gas industry are delivering energy security and affordability while simultaneously reducing global emissions. Williams will demonstrate how the natural gas value chain is leveraging and developing cutting-edge and scalable technologies to reduce emissions – from responsibly growing NextGen natural gas to displace high-emissions fuels, to the deployment of methane-monitoring satellites, real-time leak detection with AI, and efforts to develop high-efficiency clean hydrogen solutions. Convening industry leaders, policymakers and innovators, the expo will showcase how natural gas coupled with emerging technologies can be one of the most significant contributors to a clean energy future. The Expo will feature demonstrations from around 20 different companies and panel discussions with top leaders from Williams, Cheniere Energy, Inc. and EQT Corporation.

The Williams Clean Energy Expo will provide a platform to share information on industry efforts to reduce emissions. Throughout the afternoon there will be a series of panel discussions with key industry leaders to detail how the industry is moving forward in this space.

Panel Speakers

Topic: Emissions reductions progress across natural gas value chain

Toby Rice
President & CEO, EQT

Corey Grindal
Executive VP & COO, Cheniere

Chad Zamarin
Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategic Development

Arvind Ravikumar
Co-Director, Energy Emissions Modeling and Data Lab

Topic: Role of natural gas in clean energy future

Fmr. Senator Mary Landrieu

Fmr. Congressman Tim Ryan

Fmr. Congressman Kendrick Meek

Fmr. Mayor Michael Nutter

Clean Energy Expo Agenda

1:00pm ET | Doors open

1:45pm – 2:00pm ET | Opening remarks by Alan Armstrong

2:00pm – 2:45pm ET | Panel Discussion: Emissions reduction progress across the natural gas value chain
Chad Zamarin, Toby Rice, Corey Grindal, Arvind Ravikumar (moderator) 

3:00pm – 3:45pm ET | Panel Discussion: Role of natural gas in a clean energy future
Mary Landrieu, Tim Ryan, Kendrick Meek, Michael Nutter 

4:00pm | Event concludes

New Energy Ventures

Williams New Energy Ventures, a business development group focused on commercializing innovative technologies, markets and business models, collaborates across Williams to evaluate and implement projects to grow our clean energy business.