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Corporate Venture Capital

About Williams’ CVC Program

The CVC program is an outgrowth of Williams’ New Energy Ventures, a business development group focused on commercializing innovative technologies, markets and business models that include clean hydrogen, solar, carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) and next generation natural gas.

Since establishing the CVC, Williams has committed approximately $50 million to stay on the leading edge of emerging trends and innovations at the forefront of the energy transition. In addition, the company is evaluating over 300 startups for investment consideration.

Portfolio Companies

Context Labs has created a data platform to ingest environmental and pipeline data from a multitude of sources and certificate carbon intensities for delivery pathways, from the wellhead to the end use for the molecule. Read more.

Co-investors: BP Energy Partners, KPMG

Encino Environmental specializes in providing environmental services for operators including emissions testing, continuous emissions monitoring, leak detection and repair, and satellite methane detection by leveraging innovation and science-based results. Read more.

Co-investors: BP Energy Partners

Aurora Hydrogen has created a novel reactor using microwave energy, to take natural gas feedstock and produce purity hydrogen and elemental carbon products, resulting in zero GHG emissions and best-in-class energy efficiency. Read more.

Co-investors: Energy Innovation Capital, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures

Orbital Sidekick utilizes hyperspectral imaging to identify and quantify GHG emissions, vegetation health, and potential pipeline leaks – all from dedicated satellites that are able to monitor both individual plants and interstate pipeline systems. Read more.

Co-investors: Energy Innovation Capital, ONEOK, Silicon Valley Bank

Longpath Technologies utilizes 360-degree high frequency laser combs mounted on towers to observe regions in the oilfield for GHG emissions, providing what they aptly call “the 5G for the oilfield”. Read more.

Co-investors: White Deer Energy, ProFrac

INGU Solutions utilizes Machine Learning algorithms paired with their compact Piper hardware technology to inspect pipelines around the world for anomalies (leaks, wall loss, geometric bends, pressure deposits). Read more.

Co-investors: Energy Innovation Capital, Chevron Technology Ventures