Our interstate gas pipeline and gathering & processing operations span the United States, allowing our customers, investors, employees and communities to maximize the opportunities created by North America’s vast supply of natural gas and natural gas products. Our footprint includes strategic assets in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, the Rockies, the Pacific Northwest and the Eastern Seaboard. We are headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with major offices in Houston and Pittsburgh.


Safeguarding our people and neighbors is engrained in our culture and fundamental to everything we do.

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It’s more than compliance, it’s protection. We are responsible stewards who work hard to minimize impacts to the environment.

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expansion projects

Our nation-wide operations connect natural gas resources to those who need affordable, reliable heat and fuel. Find out if there is an expansion project in your area.

What the heck is a gigawatt?

The secret to time travel in the popular 1980s movie Back to the Future was 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. When the eccentric scientist Dr. Emmet Brown could not obtain plutonium in the film’s dramatic ending, he was able to harness the gigawatts from the only other available source – a bolt of lightning – sending…

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