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Energy Insights

Planning to dig? Here’s how calling 811 works.

It’s critical to always call 811 before starting any digging project large or small.

But do you know you know what happens after you make the call to your state’s One-Call Center?

When you contact 811 before your digging project, a One-Call ticket is created and routed to nearby utility and pipeline companies.

If one of those companies has a buried line near your project, they will review the One-Call ticket and determine if the scope of work is clear of their assets. If it’s not clear, they’ll send an employee to mark their buried lines with yellow paint and/or flags, so you know their approximate location.

Planning to dig? Here’s how calling 811 works

Remember always call 811 several days before starting any digging project. It’s critical to know what’s below because you could disrupt services to an entire neighborhood, cause harm to you and your family, and possibly incur fines and repair costs.

Utility location crews use specific colors to indicate the location of lines underground.

  • Yellow: natural gas
  • Red: electric power lines or cables
  • Orange: communication, alarm or signal lines
  • Blue: potable water
  • Green: sewers and drain lines
  • White: proposed excavation limits or route
  • Pink: temporary survey markings
  • Purple: reclaimed water, irrigation and slurry lines