Natural Gas Venting Notifications for Station 190

Pursuant to COMAR 07B(2)(b), Williams has developed a notification system to inform the MDE and the public of natural gas venting events in excess of one million standard cubic feet.  Notifications will be generated in accordance with the Station’s MDE approved notification plan as described below and will include the date and the approximate timeframe of each event. 

Station 190 – Venting Event greater than 1 MMCF 

Notification Date Type of Event 
(Scheduled / Unscheduled
Date of Event Event Timeframe 
  10/28/2022  Scheduled  11/3-4/2022  6 am – 4 pm

Notification Guidelines 

When a planned venting event in excess of 1,000,000 scf is anticipated to occur or when an unplanned event takes place, notifications will be posted as follows: 

  • For any venting event that is scheduled to occur beyond seven days, Transco will provide email notification at least seven days prior to the scheduled event [COMAR]; 
  • For any venting event that is scheduled to occur in less than seven days, Transco will provide email notification prior to the event or as soon as practicable, but not later than seven days after the event. Transco will provide an explanation to the MDE of the reason for the event (COMAR]; and 
  • For any emergency or unplanned venting event, Transco will notify the MDE within one hour of the emergency event and provide email notification as soon as practicable but not later than seven days after the event [COMAR]; and 

When safety concerns preclude Transco from providing prior notification of an emergency or unplanned event to MDE, Transco will notify the MDE via telephone/email within 24 hours of the blowdown event indicating the reason(s) why prior notice was not possible. 

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