Human Rights Policy and Statement

Policy Statement

Williams is committed to maintaining a corporate culture that respects the principles aimed at promoting, protecting and supporting all internationally recognized human rights. We recognize our responsibility to respect human rights and avoid complicity in human rights abuses.


The Company’s commitment to promoting human rights applies to all persons involved in the Company’s operations including, but not limited to, Company employees, officers, contractors, leased workers, suppliers, vendors and customers. In situations where Williams does not have overall control of operations, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that involved parties follow human rights principles similar to those stated herein.


While governments have the primary duty to protect and ensure fulfillment of human rights, Williams believes that respecting human rights is a fundamental value of the Company. Williams strives to respect and promote human rights in our relationships with our employees, customers, communities, indigenous communities, and other business stakeholders.


Our Employees

Williams believes that employees should be treated with respect and dignity and work in an environment that is free from harassment and unlawful discrimination. The Company’s commitment to respect human rights in the workplace is manifested in our Code of Business Conduct, and policies, standards and practices. These policies and procedures adhere to all domestic laws, and we are committed to core principles including nondiscrimination in the workplace state, among other things, that we and valueing and promote workforce diversity and do not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment. We maintain an ethical work environment that reflects the core values of our Company, and we provide a safe and secure workplace.

Our employees have access to the Williams Business Ethics Resource Center, the Williams Action Line (1-800-324-3606) and online reporting (, through which concerns and questions can be raised and resolved effectively. Employees are strongly encouraged to raise ethics, discrimination or harassment matters, and to report suspected violations of applicable laws, policies and/or our Code of Business Conduct. Retaliation for raising concerns in good faith is prohibited per our Internal Reporting and Non-Retaliation Policy.

Our Suppliers 

Williams strives to respect human rights through its supply chain by encouraging actions that are consistent with and further the objectives of our Code of Business Conduct, and by using suppliers whose corporate values are consistent with ours. Specifically, the Company sets expectations of conduct through onboarding and contractual language acknowledgement of Williams Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Contractors to follow all applicable legal requirements in the areas of freely chosen employment; working hours; respect in the workplace; wages and benefits; health and safety; ethical sourcing; and the elimination of involuntary labor, human trafficking and child labor. We see relationships with our suppliers as an opportunity to share best practices and to promote continual learning and improvement with respect to human rights.

Our Customers 

Williams seeks to do business with customers who share our values with respect to human rights. We strive to carry out appropriate due diligence and encourage our customers to maintain high ethical standards and practices. Through our customer relationships we have an ability to share best practices, which we believe will help further the respect of human rights around the world.

Communities and Stakeholders

Williams recognizes and enthusiastically accepts our responsibility to the communities we serve, through acting as a good neighbor and through involvement and support for community activities. We respect the rights of people in communities in which we operate. The Company will seek to identify adverse human rights impacts and take appropriate steps to avoid, minimize and/or mitigate them. Williams will strive to ensure that our communications with governments, regulatory bodies and public authorities are consistent with our human rights commitments, as stated herein.

Workplace Security and Healthy Workplace

Williams is fully committed to the health and safety of our work force and to the protection of our neighbors, the environment and our assets. Williams will exercise reasonable care in providing each employee a workplace free of recognized hazards, including violent acts or threats of violent acts against employees or third parties within Company workplaces. The Company will not tolerate violence or threats of violence and takes reasonable measures to provide a safe workplace. The Company will take reasonable efforts to provide a safe and healthy workplace, and comply with applicable safety and health laws and regulations, as well as internal requirements, and will not tolerate violence or threats of violence..

Diversity and Inclusion

Williams values and advances diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The Company is committed to equal opportunity and is intolerant of discrimination and harassment. We work to maintain workplaces that are free from discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identification or expression, or any other status protected by applicable law, this also includes any form of sexual harassment. Qualifications, performance, skills and experience are the basis for recruitment, hiring, placement, development, training, compensation and advancement at the Company.

Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Williams respects the rights of indigenous peoples, insofar as they are affected by our business activities.

Labor Relations

Williams is dedicated to creating a workplace that respects and values all employees and maintains an environment of open and direct communication. The Company strives to develop mutually rewarding relationship with employees through fairness, trust and integrity. Due to the direct partnership with employees, the Company does not believe in the need for an outside group to speak on behalf of employees. However, the Company respects freedom of association and collective bargaining, without fear of reprisal, intimidation, or harassment.