Retiree Spotlight: Denise Corliss

Denise Corliss and her rescue dog Taser.

Former role: Manager of Interconnects & Programs, Atlantic-Gulf 

Number of years with Williams: 27+  

Number of days/weeks retired: Almost 3 full weeks 

How are you planning to spend time in your retirement? Catching up with family and friends and spending time training my disaster search dogs. I have an eight-year old Golden Retriever, Taser, who is my current canine partner and a one-year old Golden Retriever that is in training.   

Are you involved in any community/volunteer activities? Yes! I am very involved in emergency services. I volunteer as a firefighter and canine handler with a local fire department. I am also very active with Texas A&M Task Force One, which is a FEMA Urban Search and Rescue team that responds to disasters.

So far, what has been your favorite thing about retirement? There are many things that I am enjoying about retirement. One that stands out is having the ability to participate with activities that I simply didn’t have time for in the past. I also really enjoy waking up in the mornings and thinking to myself, “So what do I want to do today?” It feels like a guilty pleasure. 

Denise and Taser are featured in a recent video and blog post: Giving thanks for life-saving teamwork.