Protecting our operations against cybersecurity threats is critical for the success of our business. As an energy infrastructure company, Williams is acutely aware of the physical harm, financial losses and reputational damages that cyberattacks present to our business and national security. We strive to maintain stakeholder and community trust in the integrity of our systems by implementing proactive measures, company-wide policies and training courses for employees to prevent unauthorized access to our physical locations and computerized systems.

Williams’ commitment to mitigating cybersecurity risks extends to all levels of the organization, from facility personnel to our board of directors. Our executive-level steering committee provides additional oversight on Williams’ cybersecurity initiatives, such as improving cybersecurity-reporting metrics. We developed a quarterly cybersecurity board report to communicate our performance and any identified risks directly to the board.

Additionally, our cyber-risk team and cyber-operations teams oversee cybersecurity issues. The cyber-risk team focuses on cyber governance, risk assessment and compliance review and facilitation. The cyber-operations team focuses on access fulfillment, technical security control management, security event monitoring, security standards development and incident response.