Environmental Compliance

Environmental stewardship is one of Williams’ Core Values. We hold ourselves accountable to meet or exceed all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations. At facilities where environmental regulations do not apply, we facilitate discussions to implement responsible standards and practices.

Our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy outlines our commitment to protect the environment and integrate environmental considerations into our core business activities. Every employee and contractor is responsible for adhering to this policy. Williams’ environmental, health and safety committee within our board of directors oversees our company-wide culture of environmental protection, as outlined in our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy.

We put our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy into action with the Williams Integrated Management System (WIMS). This management system serves as our company-wide platform for providing requirements, guidelines, procedures, standards and specifications to manage and reduce operational and environmental risk. Our employees use WIMS every day to conduct critical work, ensure compliance with regulations and mitigate environmental impacts.

53% reduction in environmental-related notices of noncompliance since 2017.