Pipeline Safety

Williams continues to invest resources into cross-industry collaboration to improve safety performance. For example, in 2021, Williams became a top tier member of Pipeline Research Council International’s (PRCI) newly created Emerging Fuels Institute (EFI) in 2021. EFI works to resolve the technical gaps that exist as the industry transitions to low-carbon energy solutions, while using existing pipeline asset infrastructure. Additionally, Williams is actively involved in PRCI’s Crack Management Strategic Research Program, which drives work related to crack susceptibility, inspection, assessment and remediation. We use this work to continuously improve Williams’ Crack Management Program and improve our safety performance.

Additionally, Williams participates in opportunities for industry pipeline safety collaboration, including Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, PRCI and applicable joint industry projects. Williams’ asset integrity team is regularly involved in the API working groups and standards development/revision teams. In 2021, team members supported the Pipeline Integrity Work Group, the API 1163 ILI revision team, the API 1176 Crack Management revision team, API 1104 Welding team, the Facility Integrity Plan development team and other ad hoc projects as they arose.