Water Stewardship

We take care to preserve the environment for future generations while improving current living standards. We understand water stewardship is an important topic for several stakeholders, including local communities and nongovernmental organizations. We adhere to all applicable environmental laws, regulations and permit conditions related to water. Our internal Environmental Assessment Program (EAP) helps identify corrective actions to enhance compliance assurance.

Williams believes water is a precious resource, and we work to protect it during construction, operation and asset retirement through our environmental inspection and compliance programs. We also recognize the importance of effectively managing our water use when developing an asset or planning a new pipeline right-of-way. As part of our detailed routing and construction process, we thoughtfully review routing options to minimize environmental impacts, including water resources. Throughout this process, we seek to avoid construction through forested wetlands and sensitive streams.

Minimizing impacts to water resources at Leidy South Expansion site in Pennsylvania.