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Why the Whoop?

Staff Reports

Howdy, my name is Alex and I’m an electrical engineering intern in the E&C group at Williams. I’m also the loudest, proudest member of the Fight’n Texas Aggie Class of 2015, WHOOP!

If you’ve ever met another Aggie, you’ve probably heard of the “Whoop” along with other Texas A&M traditions. The famous Whoop is actually called a wildcat and each class has their own based on seniority. The privilege of whooping is only given to juniors and seniors. The story goes that when hunting wildcats, juniors and seniors were experienced enough to shoot and kill. They celebrated this with an exclamatory “WHOOP!” and now it is used to express excitement and comradery everywhere an Aggie goes.

During my time at Williams I’ve had the opportunity to meet other Aggies and share the spirit of our university’s traditions. Williams has a tradition of its own known as the company’s culture. We are all united in different ways including our alma maters, our backgrounds, our passions, our volunteerism, and our professional goals. These commonalities and relationships that connect us all help form the Williams culture. The culture and lifestyle stretches across the entire company and is one of the reasons that Williams is so successfully integrated. Being a part of this culture has given my internship a profound meaning and also aided me in extending my professional network. Like at Texas A&M, there is a sense of friendliness and solidarity throughout Williams.

You can learn more about Texas A&M traditions from the Traditions Council website: http://traditions.tamu.edu/traditions

Thanks and Gig’em!

As you can see within Williams’ culture there is room for lots of university spirit: