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I Try and Do Good—Every Day

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Williams Intern Institute 2014

You know an internship is going to be great when a.) it’s in a tall office building; b.) you get a security badge; and c.) the company puts together a two-day “Intern Institute” and flies in 80 interns to learn about the program and bond with each other. Yep—now I know people who live in Pennsylvania and Utah.

My name is Nikki. I’m going to be a junior at Texas Christian University (go Frogs) and I’m studying finance and marketing. This is my first internship, and I’m working in natural gas liquids (NGL) marketing. It’s the best.

I like quotes; they’re kind of my thing. During our Intern Institute, we had the awesome opportunity to hear the CEO and VPs come and talk to us (and eat breakfast with us; who doesn’t love breakfast?)

John Dearborn, Senior Vice President of NGL and Petchem Services, said something that really stuck out to me. “What do I do? I try and do good—every day.” Naturally, I tweeted this. I also love Twitter. John even said to me in passing, “Thanks for the tweet!” How many internships allow interns to meet the execs? Actually, this is my first internship, so I wouldn’t know—but I assume not very many.

Back to the quote. I think—I know—it’s important. As my first blog entry, I’m going to leave it at that in hopes that you won’t be able to stop thinking about this quote; I know I couldn’t. In the posts to follow, I’ll offer my take on it and show how it is making my Williams internship #morethananinternship.