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Blog2This is Kelsey again, back to share more of my internship experience.

Recently, Williams sponsored a Color Run to benefit the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley. Bright and early Saturday morning, a group of interns from the Pittsburgh office made the drive to Moundsville, West Virginia, to participate in this fun event. Moundsville is home to two of Williams’ biggest assets in the Northeast: a fractionation plant as well as a gas processing plant. It is also home to the beautiful Grand Vue Park, where the race was held.

Although some would say the hilly course was challenging, I would say our little group made the most of it! One of us could be found dancing, singing or engaging in a water fight to prep for a color station at all times. It turned out to be quite a good time!

At the end of the day, it was important to remember that this good time was made possible in order to help those less fortunate. Williams has a list of Core Values & Beliefs on which “Communities” can be found; but it is more than just a list. Service to the community is an expected part of the internship experience at Williams. The feeling of responsibility Williams has to better the communities it impacts is inspiring and has resulted in significant contributions of time, talent, and treasure to communities across the country.

Interning for a company that encourages me to get out and help others inspires me to do more of just that. I am looking forward to the other service opportunities awaiting me this summer!