Williams Hosts First Responder Workshop

Staff Reports

Williams – Jackson Center, Mercer County, Pa., presented a First Responder workshop recently to provide information to response personnel about emergencies involving natural gas equipment and services.

In addition to classroom training, participants toured the new Hurtt Compressor Station in Mercer.

Williams personnel covered a wide variety of topics as part of the training, including how to identify important components of natural gas, best practices on handling natural-gas-specific emergencies, and adhering to specific protocol at the scene of an emergency.

Natural gas pipelines are the safest, most reliable and efficient manner of transporting energy products.

Everyone can contribute to safety and security by knowing where pipelines are in their community and recognizing unauthorized activity or abnormal conditions.

As partners in safety, we recognize that working together, our industry and first responders can build a positive relationship – the kind of partnership needed to continue to maintain the safety of the most efficient transportation system in the U.S.

Workshop attendees included representatives from East End Volunteer Fire Department, Grove City Volunteer Fire Department, Jackson Center Volunteer Fire Department, Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Department, Harrisville Volunteer Fire Department, and the Mercer County, PA Emergency Management Agency.