Moundsville Team Appreciates Support from First Responders in Drill

Staff Reports

The Moundsville Fractionation Plant team recently held a mock drill at our West Virginia plant. The Moundsville team coordinated the Emergency Drill picdrill with area first responders. The Washington Lands Volunteer Fire Department and Moundsville Volunteer Fire Department responded within five minutes of the call. Their level of support for this drill was exceptional. Once on the scene, they provided great counsel and offered helpful suggestions for future use.

Members of the Washington Lands Volunteer Fire Department actually had to leave the drill for a brief period to respond to another call, but later returned to the plant to complete their support of the drill once their efforts at their other call were complete.

We appreciate the professionalism and expertise of these great first responders in our Ohio Valley Midstream area as they help us ensure our focus on safe operations every moment of every day.