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About the author: I grew up in central Pennsylvania and eventually enrolled at Pennsylvania State University.  I then had my first Williams experience, as an intern, working in Engineering and Construction for the Appalachian Basin Area. Upon graduation, I joined the rotational program as a Technical Services Engineer in the Four Corners Area in Bloomfield NM. Most recently, I have relocated to Geismar, LA filling the role of a Maintenance Engineer doing a variety of inspections during a large plant expansion and rebuild.  In my free time, you will find me playing lacrosse, swinging a golf club, or snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains. I pretend to fish every now and then as well.

redfishI was awarded the opportunity to start my professional career with Williams as an intern in summer 2012.  Until that point in my life, my future was about as untouched as a blank canvas can be; undecided about job opportunities and graduate school wasn’t a legitimate thought in my mind. When it comes to major life decisions, I am one of those “fly by the seat of my pants” types of people. Those of you who know me will probably agree. So, after my internship, I applied for the rotational program at Williams, because I saw it as a chance to break the mold and roam the country.

“Why do you want to move away so badly?”  Sheesh, that’s not it at all. I got asked that question all too frequently (in the what- we’re-not-good-enough? tone) when I first moved away from friends and family. I’m guessing a lot of the rotational folks probably heard that question, and I think I answer for most of the group when I say that we’re just looking for the next adventure. The nomadic lifestyle does come with a few sacrifices. Some of us have had relationships deteriorate, we’ve all missed family events, and obviously we miss our closest friends.  For what?  I finally came up with a short and simple answer to that darn question I mentioned earlier. I was too busy living.

I value memories and experiences very highly. This may seem a little selfish, but I’ll never pass up the chance for snowboarding the Rocky Mountains all winter, or fishing the fruitful waters of Venice, LA.  The cool part is, throughout the entire adventure, we are contributing to a greater cause known as Williams. Being away from old friends and family is tough, every time I go home I even ask myself why I was so ready to leave, but then I hear of the next adventure.