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About the Author: Greetings! My name is Jenny and I am a recent graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Energy, Business, and Finance. I am currently in my first year in the rotation program, working in Project Controls. I was born and raised in New York in the suburbs and the city. I grew up in a close knit home and visiting a new city with my family.   Yiu_Jenny

Williams recently launched a professional development inclusion committee to further improve employee learning and development in support of advancement opportunities. I was given the chance to join the first working session in the Houston office alongside two of my fellow project controls analysts. At first, I didn’t fully understand the vision and mission of the committee – I mostly saw this as an opportunity to learn more about Williams and meet professionals from all different areas. However, this trip to Houston would far exceed what I originally envisioned.

This was my first trip in Houston, and I noticed immediately that we were in the midst of what the local Texans know too well as traffic congestion. Fortunately, we were able to make it to dinner on time and start our evening, as committee members began to share their journey. It was apparent from the start that everyone in the room is passionate about learning and is high performing – a type of workforce that would drive any business to its full potential.  As the night drew to an end, we walked back to the hotel in high spirits and in anticipation for what tomorrow would hold.

We started off the next day brainstorming areas of opportunity and growth for our peers. We decided on four goals and we split up into teams to analyze each goal and create an action plan, which will eventually be presented to senior management for approval. For me, observing the team work in the room was inspiring and eye-opening as a young professional.

In the end, I’ve realized that every day can be an opportunity to serve the purpose and mission of diversity and inclusion at Williams. We just need to initiate conversations that will help spread awareness around our work environment.