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About the Author: Hi! My name is Madison and I am attending Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!) and pursuing a double major in Marketing and Management.  This summer I am interning with Communications and Strategic Outreach in Tulsa, just a little more than an hour away from Gore, Okla., where I was raised. I love anything and everything Disney, so if you need a fun fact or piece of trivia I’m all (mouse) ears.

During the first week of my internship, I had the privilege of attending a non-profit panel and activity that my wonderful manager was speaking at. I was riveted by the great minds around me, but try as I might could not think of a single thought of value to contribute to the conversation. As we left, I realized that I may be wrapping up my undergraduate degree next year, but my education is only just beginning.

For me, it took just a few days in the “real world” of 8-5 working hours and business casual to realize not how much I had to learn, but how much I had been given the opportunity to learn. I am qualified and capable of doing a great job on my projects this summer, but there is so much knowledge and expertise around me that I can learn from.

I’ve always been a pretty talkative person and certainly will not shy away from the opportunity to speak my mind when I feel I have an insightful comment to offer. However, I have two ears and only one mouth, and this summer I am challenging myself to do twice as much listening and learning than talking.  The talent I am working with at Williams this summer is first class, and I want to be a sponge that soaks up all the experience they have to share.