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About the Author: Hello! My name is Zebulon and I am a student at Oklahoma State University studying Psychology, International Business and Marketing. This summer I am an intern in the Communications & Strategic Outreach Department in the Houston office. I am an active traveler and global citizen. I have attended school in England, and have plans to go to South America for courses this fall. I also love to read and write.

I spent the first two weeks of my internship in the Tulsa office working with some incredible people in my department who gave me pointers, feedback, insight into corporate social media, and a ‘different-from-expected’ start, before I headed to Houston for the remainder of my internship. Being able to spend a few days in our corporate headquarters and participate in two days of extensive intern training set me up for a successful summer. It was also a great opportunity to get to know my peers before we headed to our separate locations. These two weeks really showed that Williams is invested in me as an employee.

Upon arriving in Houston, I was assigned a mentor – Erica. Erica is fun and has a real knack for making someone feel welcome and relaxed in a new environment. Her constructive feedback is well received and she has quickly become a role model and someone I respect. My manager, Maria, is high energy, has tons of great ideas, trusts me to make sound decisions and is a great teacher. With all this support, I know I am going to learn a great deal this summer.

Positive vibes are present everywhere at Williams. The comfortable environment where I am able to ask questions and be challenged to provide input continuously keeps me outside of the box.