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Au Revoir, Adiós, Goodbye

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About the author: Hi! Lexie here. I am a recent graduate of Oklahoma State University, where we take the color orange very seriously. I have had the great opportunity of interning in the Communications & Strategic Outreach department this summer. Saying goodbye to the Intern Class of 2015 was hard, but someone had to do it.

The 2015 summer internship program has officially ended, and the Intern Class waved goodbye to coworkers, new friends and Williams last week.

These 12 weeks were filled with excitement, collaboration, hard work and learning opportunities to expand our knowledge and help build a foundation in each of our personal and professional careers.

From embracing what a #Willfie was, to intern events and trips to the field, we hope you learned as much from us as we did from you.

From the Williams team, we wish you a fantastic fall semester, and it has been a pleasure getting to watch each of you share your energy with us this summer!

What Our Interns Have to Say:

Georgia, Colorado School of Mines

“My favorite memory from this internship would have to be my first trip to the field. Being able to actually see and apply the concepts I’ve been learning in school was such a valuable experience. I’ll never forget touching a pipe that was coated in ice despite it being in the upper 90s at the facility. My manager mentioned it being caused by a valve inducing the JT Effect; it was so cool to see a physical representation of the theory I’ve been taught in class.”

David, University of Oklahoma

“In my time here at Williams, my experience has been very enriching and meaningful. I think it says a lot about a company when they invest and value their interns as much as full-time employees, and give them real projects that are able to add value to the company. You aren’t considered the intern. You are a temporary young professional that is able to gain real-world experience in a dynamic, professional environment.”

Erin, Oklahoma State University

“I would tell someone that’s applying to go for it and take it seriously. With Williams, you will work on meaningful projects that will have a positive impact on the company. You won’t have a wasted or boring 12 weeks, you will grow as a professional and as a person. I feel that accepting this internship with Williams is one of the best decisions I have made, and I know it will positively impact my future career decisions and goals. I think something that sets Williams’ internship apart is their commitment to career development. Goal setting, feedback, and the final performance review all helped me strive to complete my tasks in a timely, efficient, and excellent manner.”

Olga, Penn State University

“I did not feel like an intern due to the way I interacted with people on a daily basis. Williams would be nothing without the passion and effort everyone puts into their work. I loved the challenge of my work and that my internship was so versatile in what I got to do. The level of understanding I had to develop about my projects was really unlike any other internship I had heard about. It really is more than “just” an internship.”

Williams 2015 Intern Class