ICYMI: ‘Williams’ Transco system matters more than ever’

Staff Reports

In case you missed it, the Tulsa World published a feature on Williams’ Transco pipeline earlier this month, highlighting how critical the asset is for millions of people thousands of miles away who rely on natural gas for heating homes and generating power.

The feature by Samuel Hardiman, titled “One of the nation’s oldest pipelines, Transco matters more than ever,” notes that the pipeline survived the effects of Hurricane Harvey unscathed and is firmly established as a vital piece of American energy infrastructure.

The article quotes Williams Senior Vice President Frank  Ferazzi: “If you look back to 2010 and compare at what our maximum delivery capability was then compared to where it will be when we place our expansion projects in service in 2018, we’ll have essentially doubled the size of the pipeline.”

In the article, Ferazzi compares Transco to Interstate 95, which runs along the Eastern Seaboard.

“If you don’t have a freeway, that means you can’t get to where you’re going,” said Ferazzi. “If you don’t have natural gas, that means you can’t heat your home, can’t heat your water, the lights don’t turn on. … Industry stops. … It’s a pretty essential piece of day-to-day life.”

Read the full Tulsa World article here.