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Early career program employees gather for leadership development

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Williams President and Chief Executive Alan Armstrong and Chief Operations Officer Micheal Dunn were among leaders to meet recently with participants of the company’s Early Career Professional Development Program during a two-day summit.

Participants in Williams’ Early Career Professional Development Program traveled from work locations across the company to gather in Tulsa recently to meet with leaders and share how they are making the most of this unique career opportunity.

“The Early Career Development Leadership Summit allowed me to meet all the other participants face to face,” said Leslie Mamula, an engineer in Pittsburgh. “It was a great opportunity to easily talk through lessons learned throughout the company.”

Tulsa IT Analyst Scotty O’Leary agreed.

“The summit was a good opportunity to expand my network by meeting new people, learn about the trajectory of the industry and hear from leadership about initiatives that are important to the safety and success of the company.”

Engineer Cassandra Baum just completed Williams Early Career Professional Development Program and talks to other program participants about it during a recent summit in Tulsa. Cassandra now works for Williams technical services group in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Williams’ early career program started in 1989. About 60 are current participants, mostly in rotational positions. In all, about 400 employees have participated in the program and half of those are active employees at Williams today, many in leadership positions.

Cassandra Baum just finished the program and took a position in the technical services group in Charlottesville, Virginia. The engineer said the rotational program allowed her to take on various roles within Williams and in multiple locations.

“By putting yourself through the constant transition of a new team, new role and new challenges, you truly find what makes you excited to get out of bed every day,” she said.