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Intern Arianna

Arianna, summer intern 2018

Meet Arianna and Andrew, members of this summer’s 2018 intern class. Read about their experiences so far and how Williams has contributed to their development.

Hi! I’m Arianna and I’m a junior at Duke University majoring in electrical/computer engineering. I’m interning with Williams this summer and working at our Pine Needle liquid natural gas plant in North Carolina.

I have experienced tremendous growth in my problem-solving and troubleshooting skills during my internship because of my exposure to various hands-on projects and Williams’ commitment to my professional and personal development. I’m amazed with Williams’ high standards for employee and operational safety, as well as its commitment to leaving the environment better than we found it.

My experience with Williams has been phenomenal because of the wonderful people who work here. For example, our CEO Alan Armstrong spoke with me at our Intern Institute about a few of my industry questions. Alisa, field office administrator, Pine Needle, also took time out of her schedule to talk to me about the company and life in general. This internship has been a truly incredible experience and one that I’ll remember for a lifetime.

Intern Andrew with WMB balloons

Andrew, summer intern 2017 and 2018

Hello everybody! I’m Andrew and I’m a senior at Michigan State University studying chemical engineering. This summer will mark my second internship with Williams, where I’m working with the front-end engineering design group in Houston. My first internship with Williams was at a gas liquefaction and storage facility in North Carolina.

One challenge of being an intern is overcoming the self-imposed feeling that you should know more than you do. However, I was able to overcome this challenge with the help of my supervisor, manager and fellow employees here at Williams. Collaboration, and helping everyone improve, is strongly ingrained in Williams’ culture, which makes it easy for me to ask questions and learn as much as possible.

This internship, and my previous, have been unique, hands-on opportunities to enhance my professional development and skills, which I will be forever thankful for. I am excited to see the accomplishments of my fellow interns this summer and how each of our individual efforts have added value to Williams.