Early Career

Engineering interns move energy forward in the field

Staff Reports

Titi and Allison, summer interns in Tunkhannock, Pa.

Hi! My name is Titilope and I’m an intern at Williams this summer. I’m a petroleum engineering major from the University of Tulsa. Interning alongside me is Allison, a civil engineering major from Penn State.

We’re proud to be interning together with the Tech Services team in the Susquehanna Supply Hub (SSH) in Tunkhannock, Pa. SSH’s first asset was purchased in 2010 and now moves around 3 billion cubic feet of gas a day.

Our goal this summer is to expand our knowledge in field operations through biweekly presentations for our coworkers and management. This provides a great opportunity for us to develop technical knowledge while sharpening our presentation skills. It’s also a great way for our team to refresh on topics such as welding, reciprocating engines, compressors, glycol dehydration and much more. We head out to the field with engineers, asset integrity and operations and gain insight on the technical aspects relating to design and operations at Williams

Out of all of the opportunities to learn at Williams, our favorite has been the chance to further develop our professional network. The early career and development team brought together all 46 of the interns from across the country to meet in Tulsa for a three-day learning and networking event called the Intern Institute. We met interns representing 16 different universities and learned about their internship experience. We even had the opportunity to ask CEO Alan Armstrong questions.

Our experience with Williams has been superb so far and we are eager to make the most out of our internship this summer.