Early Career

Each day is a learning experience for this intern

Staff Reports

Carolina touring the Carrollton compression site.

Hello! My name is Carolina and I’m a senior at the University of Utah completing a double major in chemistry and chemical engineering. This summer I am an engineering intern for Williams in the Utica Supply Hub tech services group. I have the pleasure of working in the North Canton, Ohio, field office, where I get to look out the window every day and soak in the beautiful green scenery and sometimes spot the occasional deer.

I tend to be very shy in new environments and making the journey to a new city to work in an office where I knew no one was a huge leap for me. However, I was happy to find that the North Canton office and Williams as a whole has a very supportive and welcoming culture. Working in a field office also gives me the dual opportunity to work both in an office and in an asset where I can better visualize how things work.

Although the project I’m working on this summer revolves around pressure safety valves, my learning and experience isn’t focused on just that. I have the

Posing by the sign for our North Canton, Ohio field office

opportunity to learn about other projects outside of my own and I’m encouraged to learn more about things I find interesting. One phrase that I’ve heard many times during this internship is that school doesn’t teach you everything that you’ll need to know, but it does teach you how to learn.

I’ve learned so much during the past few months about things ranging from what a check valve looks like to how the compression and dehydration process works. Being a part of the Williams team this summer has really been such a great experience, and truly feels like it’s more than an internship.