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Operations intern spotlight: NyKeysha

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NyKeysha, an operations intern in McPherson, Kansas, holds up a stop work card that empowers any employee to halt job activities if they have safety concerns.

Meet NyKeysha, an operations intern in McPherson, Kansas. The native of Broken Arrow, Okla., is studying pipeline integrity at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. We asked her a few questions about her time with Williams.

What do you like about your field of study?

I’ve always loved being outside and in pipeline integrity, environmental safety is top priority. The opportunities in the pipeline industry are endless. There is always room to grow and learn, but you have to be willing to get outside of your comfort zone.

Why did you want to intern at Williams?

Williams is all about investing in the community and that is something that I love to take part in! For example, Williams supports local STEM education, first responders and nonprofits like the McPherson Opera House. It speaks volumes when such a big company is continuously giving back to the communities where it operates. Williams is a reputable company with a great mission, core values and beliefs.

What is a typical day like at Williams?

Every day is something different! I can truly say that has been my favorite part of interning at Williams. Today I might be doing annual surveys and tomorrow I may be checking on an anomaly that an in-line inspection tool picked up.

NyKeysha, an operations intern in McPherson, Kansas, takes samples looking for corrosion.

What have you enjoyed doing or learning most at Williams?

I’ve enjoyed learning more about liquid lines. At school we mainly focus on gas lines. So, to be able to explore the ins and outs of liquid lines in a hands-on setting is a great experience. I also really enjoyed learning about the salt caverns located in the McPherson area. Williams operates a network of interconnected underground storage caverns holding large volumes of natural gas liquids and other hydrocarbons.

Is there anything else that stands out for you?

I learned from day one that safety is the most important part of the energy industry. At Williams, every employee is empowered to stop work if they have concerns, and each morning before the job starts there is a tailgate safety meeting, going over the tasks of the day and how to go about it safely.

Did your internship reinforce your desire to work in the industry?

Yes! I enjoyed the challenges and learning opportunities that working in operations brings. I head back to college confident in my career choice and thankful for the opportunity to intern at Williams.

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