Dial 811 – the Safe Digging Hotline

Staff Reports

April is Safe Digging Month and a reminder to contact your state’s 811 center before any digging projects, whether big or small.

For anyone planning projects that require digging this spring – including homeowners and contractors, please call 811 or use your state 811 center’s online tools to enter requests to notify the affected utility companies so they can mark important underground lines prior to breaking ground.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever for communities to remain safe and connected to critical utility services, including natural gas, internet and other communications lines.

At the same time, more people are staying home and tackling outdoor projects like planting trees and installing fences or decks. Not contacting 811 before you dig can cause you to disrupt services to an entire neighborhood, harm you and your family, and possibly result in fines and repair costs.