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Growing a culture of safety leadership

Staff Reports

Williams’ project personnel and 140 contractors recently gathered for courses on safety leadership.

All participants made personal commitments to demonstrate safety leadership.

Williams’ focus on safety leadership strives to position our teams for success through regular engagement and support of behaviors that not only meet but aim to exceed safety goals.

Participants covered a variety of topics in both English and Spanish courses offered throughout the week. Critical topics like Stop Work Authority, Hazard Identification and Recognition, Safety Leadership Principles, Last Minute Risk Assessments (LMRA), and How to Approach Others will increase the team’s ability to promote safe work practices on Williams’ sites and beyond.

Williams encourages and enforces all safety policies, including Stop Work Authority, at all sites, facilities and offices as a hallmark of our core values. Stop Work Authority allows anyone to stop work, regardless of position or level of responsibility, to prevent incidents from occurring.

“It’s imperative that we keep safety leadership on top of our priorities for all projects,” said Chad Teply, senior vice president, Project Execution. “The skills refreshed with our project teams and contractors are foundational for working with Williams and will apply to any work done, whether across  our industry or even at home when contractors are with their families.”