Williams joins differentiated gas initiative to quantify methane emissions

Staff Reports

Williams is collaborating with industry partners on a differentiated gas initiative to measure and verify emissions reductions on natural gas systems in a consistent, credible and transparent way.

GTI’s Veritas initiative brings together scientists, academics, environmental organizations, certification organization and companies to develop accurate and verified methane emissions intensities and the necessary protocols to calculate measurement-informed methane emissions for natural gas systems.

“With our current focus on right here, right now opportunities to reduce emissions, Williams looks forward to collaborating with GTI on its Differentiated Gas Initiative as yet another way we can leverage our critical natural gas infrastructure in support of our customers and a clean energy future,” added Chad Zamarin, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategic Development at Williams.

Differentiated gas is also called responsibly sourced gas.

Veritas is convening diverse stakeholders to develop technical protocols and a widely accepted methodology to quantify methane emissions.

“Establishing a measurement-informed and transparently-developed standard that all stakeholders can rely upon will increase confidence that those actions are reducing methane emissions—and channel energy into accelerating actions that are most effective,” said Dr. Paula Gant, SVP for Strategy & Innovation at GTI.”

The Vertias initiative is one way Williams is pursuing measurable reductions of methane emissions as part of our commitment to a clean energy future.