Working at Williams

Summer 2022: more than an internship

Aubrey, engineering intern

Aubrey, engineering intern and Oklahoma State University student, is applying technology to help the Safety and Operational Discipline team turn data into useful information, improve decision making and drive future actions. She’s also using her leadership skills to help the intern class organize a fundraiser and community event.

We checked in with some of our interns to hear how their summer at Williams is going so far. From meaningful work that adds real value to the company, to mentorship, friendship and community stewardship, these interns share what they enjoy most and why their work at Williams is much more than an internship.

“My work really means something,” says Aubrey. “I’m learning new systems, getting a better understanding of safety data and helping develop automation that will inform future decisions and process improvements. I’m also loving the opportunity to get to know other interns by fundraising to help a local organization.”

Griffin, business intern

Griffin, business intern and Oklahoma State University student, is working with the Ohio River Supply Hub Commercial team to analyze competitors, customers and future development opportunities. As a co-founder of “Cowboy Energy,” he’s looking forward to sharing his experiences with other students in the organization when he returns to campus this fall.

“The days are flying by,” says Griffin. “I’m exploring a new city, working on interesting projects with some of the smartest people in the industry and looking forward to sharing all I’ve learned with the Cowboy Energy student organization when I get back home.”

Rachel, operations technician intern

Rachel, operations technician intern and Lackawanna College student, is enjoying the opportunity to further what she’s learned through college courses with hands-on experience as she assists with the ongoing monitoring and inspection of three gathering and processing stations in the Susquehanna River Supply Hub.

“It feels like a big family,” says Rachel. “The team really works together to help me learn more about the business, put the safety of every person above all else, and have some fun along the way.”

Ryan, engineering intern

Ryan, engineering intern and University of Tulsa student, is working with the Project Execution Air Programs team to further carbon reduction efforts. He’s also using his past solar research to assist with dual-use exploration.

“It’s the perfect combination of experience,” says Ryan. “When I mentioned my previous solar research, my mentor was quick to loop me in with the New Energy Ventures team where I’m sharing my knowledge and helping explore ways that natural gas and solar can work together to fuel the clean energy economy.”

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