Aux Sable


Aux Sable Liquid Products LP and Aux Sable Midstream

Aux Sable is a significant player in North America’s midstream gas processing business, with facilities and pipelines strategically placed in some of the continent’s most active shale positions, providing access to its most attractive natural gas and natural gas liquids markets. Aux Sable is one of the largest NGL extraction and fractionation facilities in North America, processing liquids-rich gas at the terminus of the Alliance Pipeline, in Channahon, Illinois.

In the United States, Aux Sable Companies are owned by Enbridge, Pembina and Williams. Williams owns a 14.6% interest in Aux Sable Liquid Products and a 14.6% interest in Aux Sable Midstream.

For more information on Aux Sable’s U.S. Operations, visit the Aux Sable website.