Station 203

Located in Chesterfield New Jersey, Compressor Station 203 was constructed in 2018 as part of Transco’s Garden State Expansion Project. The station plays a key role in providing natural gas transportation service to New Jersey Natural Gas Company. Station 203 employs a single, 30,500 horsepower electric-driven compressor unit. Consequently, process emissions from the Station are very low when compared to other fuel-fired facilities and the potential sources of air emissions are limited to infrequent fugitive and blowdown events. The table below lists the blowdown events that occurred between January 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021.


Thousand Cubic Feet (MCF)
Gas Composition
(Mol %)
Q3 2021No events
4/7/2021140.98Nitrogen: 0.0231%
Carbon Dioxide: 0.041%
Methane: 97.552%
Ethane: 2.103%
Propane: 0.068%
I-Butane: 0.001%
N-Butane: 0.003%
I-Pentane: 0.00%
N-Pentane: 0.00%
C6+: 0.00%
3/27/2021136.66Nitrogen: 0.0235%
Carbon Dioxide: 0.044%
Methane: 97.534%
Ethane: 2.112%
Propane: 0.07%
I-Butane: 0.002%
N-Butane: 0.003%
I-Pentane: 0.00%
N-Pentane: 0.00%
C6+: 0.00%