Solar Initiative

solar panel with sunlight and blue sky background. concept clean energy power in nature


What’s Above and Below Support Each Other

Natural gas is key to our world’s ability to add more renewable energy to the power grid in large volumes. It is a clean, affordable fuel that can quickly provide power when renewable energy sources are producing less due to the variability of sunlight and wind.

The Williams solar initiative in the United States builds on our natural gas-focused strategy. Natural gas-powered generation of electricity brings reliability to the U.S. electric power grid and allows for growth in renewable energy. Investments in intermittent solar power are made viable by the benefits of combined cycle back up on the grid and tax credits.

Williams has been identifying locations where solar power installations are both economical and can be primarily sited on company-owned land that is adjacent to existing facilities. Sites under consideration span Williams’ footprint, with initial sites identified in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

How much electricity will the solar farms generate?

The capacity of the farms will range from 1 megawatt to 40 megawatts depending on the energy needs of the Williams facility. For comparison, a 1 megawatt solar farm produces enough electricity for 330 homes. Keep in mind that the actual energy output will vary based on the amount of sunlight on a given day.