Williams Earns ‘Green’ Praise

Staff Reports

Richard and Doris Green live in a borough east of Philadelphia.

Their home is nestled in a quiet, wooded
cul-de-sac near our Transco natural gas pipeline.

A while back, we expanded the line in their area. To do so, we needed access to right-of-way that brought us, well,  right up to their driveway.

“It was very nice working with these people,” Richard says. “It was really a good experience. They were all very helpful. We can’t say enough about how they took care of our place.”

“We were going to repave this driveway anyhow, so it came in handy,” Richard says. “They had to tear it out and they put the new one in. They did a very good job, a wonderful job.”

Williams also rented the Greens a four-wheel drive vehicle, making it easier for them to navigate around the construction area. In turn, Mrs. Green often brought food and refreshments to the workers.

“It was hot that summer and I felt so bad for those guys,” Doris says. “I even went and bought some ice cream and took it to them; they really appreciated that.”

When our project was complete, the Greens felt strongly enough about Williams’ work that they wrote a letter to express their gratitude.

“The job went smoothly and the work crews were respectful to our needs,” read the letter, which was co- signed by another couple who live nearby.

“The excavation sites were amazingly restored to their original state or improved upon. All the work was accomplished with the utmost respect for us and our properties.”