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You’re Invited: Dallas Township Zoning Hearings

Staff Reports

This post is an an open letter and invitation from Ryan Savage.

As no doubt you’ve seen, our staff and contractors have been moving forward with construction of the Springville Line.  We expect it to be complete and operational by the end of the year.

Over the past months, we have kept residents updated on our work by providing a project newsletter, presenting project reports at Dallas Township municipal meetings, hosting a community meeting in Northmoreland Township, meeting with Wyoming County officials and maintaining open lines of communication with area reporters.

To some residents, the description of our facilities is familiar. For example, our Transco pipeline has operated in Dallas Township for more than 50 years.

During that time, a meter station located in Dallas Township has safely measured and regulated natural gas that is delivered from Transco to UGI Utilities Inc.

In fact, 100% of the homes in Dallas Township using natural gas to heat their homes and cook their food use gas delivered to UGI by Transco.

Once complete, our Springville line will transport Marcellus Shale gas produced in Susquehanna County to American homes and businesses, including those in northeast Pennsylvania.

Already, the abundance of Marcellus Shale gas is driving down consumer costs.

On Nov. 30, UGI Utilities announced that,  “The increase of supplies of natural gas from Marcellus Shale has helped create downward price pressure on natural gas. We are pleased to pass this cost savings to our customers as we approach the winter heating season.”

We will present our Springville application to the Dallas Township Zoning Commission on Dec. 12, 14 and 15 at Misericordia University in Insalaco Hall at 6 p.m.

Each of the three hearings will begin at 6 P.M., with the meetings on Dec. 12 and 14 in room 218 and the meeting on Dec. 15, in room 219.

We know that many area residents are interested in the construction of the Springville Line and we urge you to attend the hearing and learn about our project.

As you may know, Williams’ staff worked with Dallas Township officials throughout the summer to develop an agreement that met the project requirements, as well as  community expectations.

On Nov. 23, Williams submitted an amended application to the township requesting zoning approval to construct a limited facility comprised of a receiver, filter, a regulator and a meter.

The meter site will be located on an undeveloped property in Dallas Township away from commercial activity and high-traffic areas.

Let me explain the purpose of each piece of the equipment we’ve proposed.

•       Receivers, essential to the regular maintenance of any natural gas pipeline, are designed and constructed to safely remove pipeline cleaning and electronic inspection tools sometimes referred to generically as “pigs”.

•       The filter removes dust and fine particulate from the pipeline.

•       Regulators control both pressure and  volume of the gas in the pipeline

•       Meters measure the flow of gas at the point where it changes hands.   In this case, we’re proposing to construct a meter at the Springville Line’s connection to Transco, enabling us to measure the amount of gas delivered to Transco.

Pipeline meters and regulators function in the same way as the meters and regulators that are connected to homes and businesses across the United States that use natural gas for heating.

If you have specific questions or would like to have a speaker address your group, please contact Helen Humphreys at our Tunkhannock office.

You can reach her at (570) 996-4000 or by email at

We are happy to answer your questions or meet with your group.


Ryan Savage
General Manager
Williams, Appalachian Basin Area