Challenging Students to Prepare for Technical Careers

Staff Reports

Students from The Challenge Program at the Connellsville Area Career & Technical Center show their appreciation for Williams’ involvement during a recent event at the school.

We’re letting students and our communities know that Williams is here to stay.

With many job openings right now in the Marcellus, we’re looking to local talent to fill those positions.

That’s why some of us have started to help out at The Challenge Program at the Connellsville Area Career & Technical Center. There, we talk to students about career opportunities in our company and the industry at large.

We want them to work hard in school and to pursue degrees that will allow them to work in our industry and to continue to develop clean-burning natural gas in the Marcellus Shale and across the U.S.

Supporting the CTC has given us a chance to explain what we do and what we’re about – our culture, our plans and what we can do to bring jobs to Pennsylvania.

We’ve received a lot of very positive feedback from the students involved in the program and were very excited to see this video made by the students to show their appreciation for our involvement.

The Challenge Program has reached more than 200,000 students in Pennsylvania and – through our partnership with the program – we’re hoping this number will continue to grow.