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De-Ethanizer Tower Move, Day 1 Complete

Staff Reports

Tower Climbs 12 miles on first day of journey

The De-ethanizer Tower climbed WV 86 and WV 88 today, traveling approximately 12 miles. We were able to take advantage of the mild weather to safely move the tower 3 miles past Butch’s Corner. It is currently stationed in a parking lot off of WV 88 and the road has been reopened.

The moving team, which includes seven Sherriff deputies and utility providers, will begin tomorrow’s move with a safety meeting. We expect the move will begin again once area school buses have passed through the area at approximately 8:15 a.m.

The progress of the tower today was followed by media and residents.

Many were impressed by the remote technology used to move the tower. Rather than a flatbed, the tower is mounted to a goldhofer trailer with an engine at either end. One engine pushes the tower, the other pulls it. No cab is connected to the trailer, instead, an individual walks in front or along side to remotely steer the trailer around bends, curves and the occasional straight of way.