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De-Ethanizer Tower On The Move

Staff Reports

The chill this morning didn’t keep residents and media from coming out to watch Williams’ de-ethanizer tower begin its journey from the CRX rail yard in McMechen, W.Va. to its new home at our Oak Grove facility located on Fork Ridge Road.

News anchor and reporter, Rachael Dierkes, who is covering the move for Wheeling, W.Va. station WTRF  explained, “It is interesting to see the way this entire industry has changed our area, as far as bringing in new people in and business . It’s a way for them to be a part of it if they don’t already work in the field.”

As the tower left the rail yard a little after 8:30 this morning, many people commented on the number of support vehicles accompanying it. Seven deputy sheriffs are escorting the tower to ensure that emergency vehicles and local school buses can get through.

In addition, several utilities, including Frontier Communications and American Electric Power Co. are accompanying the tower to quickly resolve any problems that may be encountered along the way.

“Our first concern is to conduct the move safely, but we are working hard to minimize any inconvenience to area residents,” said Allan Berenbrok, who is coordinating the move for Williams.