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Better Than Expected: Super Load Progress May Eliminate One Day On The Road

Staff Reports

Allan stands in front of the de-ethanizer tower before the move.

The better-than-expected progress of Williams’ de-ethanizer tower yesterday may result in less time on the road.

We’ve identified multiple locations where the tower can be pulled off the route to make way for school buses and to station the tower for the night.

Soon after the tower arrived at Butch’s corner, the moving team determined it could safely proceed another lot three miles up the road before sundown – significantly farther than expected.

“We are cautiously optimistic that today we will continue to make the same good progress we made yesterday,” said Allan Berenbrok, who is coordinating the move for Williams. “We are hoping it will allow us to reduce the number of days we are on the road, which will be a benefit to everyone.”

The tower today is scheduled to reach Mountaineer Mart in Pleasant Valley along U.S. 250, but if safely possible, it may progress as far as the McElroy substation located on Fork Ridge Road.