Williams Restores Service After April 5 Incident and Thanks First Responders

Staff Reports

Today at about 1:30 p.m. Williams restored service to producers following a fire April 5 on a 12-inch pipeline in Marshall County, W.V.

There were no reported injuries associated with the April 5 incident; initial assessment of damage is vegetation in a one-acre area. Local first-responders directed the evacuation of residents from five nearby homes for approximately 24 hours when they confirmed that conditions were safe for return.

Williams appreciates area first-responders’ quick response and assistance on the morning of the incident.

For producers whose wells were affected by the temporary outage, Williams rerouted around the damaged section of 12-inch gas-gathering pipeline, additionally we restored service for a 4-inch- pipeline that is located in the same easement as the damaged natural gas pipeline.

As a precaution and to allow for subsequent testing, crews had drained the 4-inch pipeline following the April 5 incident.

The damaged natural-gas gathering pipeline is located approximately one-half mile north of our Oak Grove gas-processing facility.

We continue our investigation to determine the cause of the April 5 incident.