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Welcome to Young Professional Voices: Second Edition

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About the author:  My name is Shanese and I am an Oklahoma State graduate. I have been with Williams for three years, including one summer as an intern, and currently am a participant in the rotational program. Hope you enjoy hearing from our young professionals as we learn and grow in our careers. 

Hopefully you enjoyed meeting our interns over the summer and you got to know a little about their experiences at Williams. Now that summer has ended and our interns have returned to school, it’s time to get to know some of the young professionals that work at Williams full-time.Pollard_Shanese

My name is Shanese, and I’ve been with Williams for three years now. I too was an intern in our Corporate Strategic Development group, and then I joined the Williams rotational program upon graduating from Oklahoma State. Go Pokes! I am now in my second rotation in our Natural Gas Liquids group. My first rotation was in Human Resources where I worked on some amazing projects that gave me real world, hands-on experience in supporting talent acquisition efforts for a Fortune 500 Company enterprise wide.

The opportunities I’ve experience with Williams have far exceeded my dreams. One thing you heard our interns constantly say is that they enjoyed our culture and the people. It’s true – we have amazing leaders who truly support the growth and development of their team members. But what you experience once joining Williams full-time, regardless of a direct hire position or the rotational program, is an abundance of opportunities to contribute and to collaborate with leading professionals in the industry.

College can only teach you so much, but continuing to have a desire to learn, grow and develop is what makes a successful young professional at Williams. In the coming weeks you will meet an array of young professionals ranging from business to information management to engineering located across the U.S.

We all have unique stories and different perspectives and experiences from working at Williams. But one thing I think you will see, is that each of us is a budding leader who strongly believes in Williams Core Values and Beliefs, we are safety and community-minded, and can’t wait to take advantage of all the wonderful things our future at Williams has to offer.