Energy & Infrastructure

Making Progress at Rockaway

Staff Reports

Our community outreach team for the Rockaway Lateral pipeline project in New York visited the project site this week to get a first-hand look at our progress.

To date, we’ve installed the shoring walls so that we can get our pipe out that has been stuck since an offshore drill last year. The pipe is located 37 feet below surface (that’s about nine times deeper than an Olympic-size swimming pool).

To remedy this, the construction team will be installing a concrete base next week approximately 5 feet below the pipe (that’s 42 feet deep) so that they can work in a safe environment.

Crews have already welded and tested the last stretch of pipe measuring approximately 180 feet in length (a bit more than half the length of a football field).

This effort should be complete in the next few weeks. In the meantime, our outreach team is working with Community Board 14 and the New York City Mayor’s office – they will have the latest information available about the project.