Early Career

Switching Gears

Staff Reports

About the author: My name is Chris and I began my career at Williams in February 2012 as a GIS Analyst. For the first eleven months, I supported mapping/analysis efforts for our operational natural gas liquids (NGL) pipelines. In January 2013 I transitioned to our Engineering & Construction department supporting NGL execution projects.  During my short career here at Williams, I have been known to be ready to “switch gears.”

As a GIS Analyst, you are privy to the inter-workings of the company. As I continue to learn how each department acts like a gear in the powerful engine that is Williams, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many people and helping so many departments meet their mapping needs. Delivering Williams’ message using geospatial information allows me to see how we are striving to meet our customers’ needs part by part.

Working on pipeline construction projects enforces that fact even more so. As a GIS Analyst, I support the engineers that are designing the very assets this country needs to enhance and advance our infrastructure. The engineers at Williams do an incredible job in constructing an idea into reality.  Working with engineers so closely has provided me an even larger window into how Williams makes energy happen. My current duties have fostered a progressive curiosity into knowing about each aspect of our construction, operational, and overall asset needs.

That curiosity began to pull me in a different career direction and I now find myself transitioning again.  I am currently pursuing my second degree, a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. Shifting from full-time employee to full-time student is not a smooth transition but I know my efforts today will have a significant impact on tomorrow.  I have learned to find humor in how work needs speed up while school loads slow down. The trick is being prepared for the reverse situation as well. It just goes to show, I will always need to be prepared for switching gears.