Atlantic Sunrise

Williams files Atlantic Sunrise expansion with FERC

Staff Reports

transco_pipeline construction

Today Williams filed its certificate application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) seeking authorization to expand the existing Transco transmission pipeline. The proposal, known as the Atlantic Sunrise project, would connect natural gas producing regions in northern Pennsylvania to markets in the Mid-Atlantic and southeastern states by 2017.

View the complete filing for the Atlantic Sunrise project online. You also can read the full news release.

During the past year we’ve solicited valuable input from property owners, communities, regulatory agencies and other stakeholders that has directly shaped our project footprint. In fact, our FERC filing incorporates more than 100 route changes affecting nearly 50 percent of the original pipeline alignment.

Other steps we’ve taken in response to input we’ve received can be found in the various environmental resource reports which make up the FERC Certificate Application.

Filing the Certificate Application with FERC is certainly a significant milestone, but it doesn’t mean that our work is complete, or that we are done soliciting input.

We’re still gathering information and working with stakeholders to even further refine the route to address potential issues. We have a long way to go, but your feedback and participation in helping us reach this important milestone is greatly appreciated.