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Nine Tips for a Great Start to Your Summer Internship

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Welcome back for our second installment of College Recruiting Roundtable. Be sure to check in with us here each month from now through the fall, as we talk about the ins and outs of the college recruiting process and what you can do to be best prepared to secure a great summer internship or full-time position.

Congratulations – you have secured a coveted summer internship! You survived all the information sessions, career fairs, interviews, etc. But now what? School is winding down and summer is quickly approaching. While you are busy studying for finals and completing your projects, your employer is anxiously preparing for your arrival. While each company is a little different, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider, so you are prepared before you walk in the door:

  1. Show your employer you are excited to start working and are responsible by being responsive to all communications in a timely fashion
  2. Communicate appropriately – if any issues arise with your start/end dates, etc., let your employer know as quickly as possible
  3. Do your research – have a general knowledge of what the company does, who the leaders are and what the current industry is like
  4. Build relationships – reach out to your manager and other interns to start forming relationships and networking before your start date (this can also help with first day jitters by having a few people you already know)
  5. Secure housing if you are relocating for your internship
  6. Make sure you have a current photo ID (and check the expiration date)
  7. Do a test run; practice the drive to your location, learn the traffic patterns or bus routes and the best way to get there, and then allow an extra ten minutes for traffic so you aren’t late
  8. Ask about what to wear, what time to arrive, where to park and where to meet your supervisor on your first day – having all these questions answered will decrease your stress level
  9. Take a deep breath and have fun!

You summer internship is like a 10-12-week job interview.  However, it is a two-way street. Your employer will be evaluating you, but you should be doing the same. Throughout the summer, think about your future, and if your internship environment is one you could see yourself working in long term. Most importantly, soak up all of the knowledge and information you can, have fun, and form relationships with as many people as possible.

That’s all for this installment, stay tuned for the next College Recruiting Roundtable!