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About the Author: Howdy!  My name is Zach and I am an alum of Oklahoma State University. I have been with Williams for just more than two years, previously as an intern and currently as a member of the Engineering Development Program. I hope to share my experiences as I ride the roller coaster of starting my professional career and adapting to the “real world.”

Williams was recently named the No.1 Most Admired U.S. Energy Company for 2015 by FORTUNE® Magazine.

I take great pride in the fact that the company I work for cares about more than the bottom line. Williams strives to always be a part of the communities where we do business. While it’s easy to create a list of values and mission statements, I can honestly and proudly say that Williams lives and breathes its values.  For instance, our number one Core Value & Belief is integrity. Williams demonstrates this in every aspect of its business and in its involvement in the community. This is not just me drinking from the company punch bowl either.

It is a unique experience to work for a company like Williams – a company that values achieving excellence in business, following through on its promises and giving back to the communities of which it is a part. An important factor in Williams being selected as the Most Admired Energy Company for 2015 was the culture and attitude of the people that work here. The Williams culture is reflected not just in the effective execution of business but also in the sense of duty and ownership that each employee carries to be socially and environmentally responsible. On top of that, Williams employees go the extra mile to support local foundations and volunteer in the community, motivated only by the fact that they care.  These values permeate every aspect of what Williams is and does. One of my most meaningful experiences as a Williams employee is the volunteer work that I and many of my coworkers completed with the United Way. The gratitude and hope inspired by these simple acts of kindness and love was, for me, contagious and heartwarming. Williams and its employees are a living, breathing part of the community.

I am proud and humbled to be an employee of Williams, and it comes as no surprise to me that Williams was named the Most Admired Energy Company for 2015.